Minister Dlamini Zuma attended N’wamitwa Day celebrations

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31 August  2019

Minister Dlamini Zuma attended N’wamitwa Day celebrations


The Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (CoGTA), Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, today visited Hosi N’wamitwa II. Minister was invited to attend and deliver a Keynote address at the Eleventh Year Anniversary celebrations of Hosi N’wamitwa that were held at the Valoyi Vatsonga Cultural Village under the Theme – “Celebrating Eleven Years of Service”.

The annual celebrations of the eleventh Anniversary, brought together leaders accross all sectors of society, including government Ministers, Deputy Ministers, MECs, Mayors and Councillors. The event took place within the backdrop of two important aspects of our national life, the end of Women’s Month and the eve of Heritage Month. Both months have significance for Hosi N’wamitwa and the communities she is leading.

Delivering a keynote address at the celebration, Minister Dlamini Zuma emphasised the importance of the event for communities as it is educates them to understand their culture and heritage. “If we don’t know our history and culture, we will not know where we go”, said Minister Dlamini Zuma. Minister indicated that on the last day of woman’s month, it is an honour for her to be on a platform recognising one of the great leaders in our country, Hosi N’wamitwa II.

The work of Her Royal Highness of championing development in her communities continues to inpire many people  to do more in service of communities. Hosi N’wamitwa joins an illustrious list of committed servants of the people who continue to make a difference.

The constitution of South Africa recognises that without the institution of traditional leadership‚ South African communities are incomplete and without the active participation of traditional leaders‚ our nation will not overcome the scourges of poverty‚ unemployment and inequality. This assertion is built upon the continuing work of the last 10 years done by Hosi N’wamitwa II to change and improve lives of communities, working together with various levels of government.

Minister emphasised that government will continue supporting and strengthening the institution of traditional leadership and to restoring the pride and dignity of traditional authorities. This support will assist our leaders to better lead the reconstruction and development of our nation. This vision will see the institution of traditional leadership contributing significantly to employment creation‚ social cohesion, nation building and most importantly, to facilitate economic development‚ protect communities and preserve the environment for future generations.

This important event is therefore not only a celebration for the inauguration of Hosi N’wamitwa II, but also a recognition of the gallant work done by women across the country contributing to the development of communities. Minister urged all sectors to join hands to remove discrimination against women and empower them.

Minister lauded development projects that are continuing to change the lives of the youth who are trained and provided with the much needed skills. Minister urged the youth to go to school, and called on everyone to join hands to ensure to educate the leaders of tomorrow.

Minister pledged to return to N’wamitwa village as part of the District Coordination Development Model which prioritises integrated service delivery. We need to embrace the district model and ensure that we support all its plans, short, medium and long term. As part of implementing the model, Minister urged government spheres to implement policies and plans.

Government is committed to building the developmental capacity of municipalities that work in partnership with traditional leaders to ensure that we realise the objectives set ourselves through the Back to Basics programme. To this effect, strengthening the linkages between urban and rural areas through the Integrated Urban Development Framework is an integral element of our continuing work and traditional leaders are important.

“As government we commit ourselves to continue working in partnership with you to ensure that the lives of our people are changed to the better”, said Minister Dlamini Zuma.



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