Infrastructure Financing

The purpose of this sub-programme is to facilitate processes to support capital raising techniques to enhance municipal development needs and Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG). This two folded approach involves developing various municipal financing instruments through Innovative Financing mechanisms and establishing long term Public Private Partnerships (PPP).

  • Innovative Financing

In order to improve financing mechanism, Innovative Financing looks at supporting unfunded municipalities projects such as operations and maintenance by bringing on-board both the international and local investors. Since operations and management is a key strategic area in municipal sustainability, Innovative Financing aims to attract funding that will create employment and empower small and medium enterprises thereby ensuring sustainability and economic viability of the communities.

  • Public Private Partnerships

Misa understands that the development of municipal infrastructure cannot be achieved by Government’s intervention alone. As a result, MISA partners with various private and public sector entities who share the same municipal development outlook. The partnership enables both public and private sector entities to establish long term investments in the infrastructural development goals of local municipalities.